Laser & Safety

Avoid sun exposure to the treated area completely for the first two weeks (ie: Cover-up or maintain minimum factor 30+ sunscreen.)

Between treatments do not engage in sun tanning.

Successfully treated hair may take up to 2-3 weeks to extrude from the hair follicles.


The Lasers

The Q-Switch Ruby Laser  -Hair and Tattoo Removal

Aesculap – Meditec is one of the most experience manufactures of medical laser systems and it has developed a highly efficient, state of the art Ruby Laser.

The Alexandrite Laser  -Hair Removal

The Quanta System Q-Plus Star2 Laser System has a long pulse Alexandrite Laser module that is developed to perform  Permanent Hair Reduction treatments. The high power and the big spot sizes allow the treatment at very deep skin layer enough to damage completely the hair follicles of every district of the body.

To be effectively damaged the follicle must be in the Anagen (growth) phase and the hair must contain melanin, it is not possible to treat completely white hair.

The number of follow up treatments are on average 5 and the treatments interval depends on the body area treated. At least 4 week intervals for the face, brazilian and underarms & 6 weeks for the rest of the body.

Avoid any mechanical epilation method for the full duration of treatments. There must be hair in the follicles.  However to minimize small epidermal burnings by hair-skin contacts, shave or trim the hair one or two days before the treatment. Exfoliating is recommended as it will remove dead skin cells in the area, thus reduce any scattering of the laser beam and better results.


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